Editors Guide

Registering as an editor

I never got an invitation from you but I would like to handle papers as an editor for your journal:
Please register as an editor so that we get to know your interest and you subjects of expertise. As soon as we have a manuscript suitable for you we shall forward you a request

Please register here if you are interested

I registered online what should I do next?
Your registration need to be acknowledged by verifying your email. You need to reply to the mail received by you after registration. You will receive manuscripts subject to their availability after completing this step.

Support from Publisher

Publisher provides you with a comprehensive support which allows you to manage your duties easily and in a timely manner.

A team provides technical support to you in managing the journal and keep in track with the communication process of each manuscript.

Any queries from authors could be redirected to the support team who can communicate with them and provide them the required information.

Conflict of interest if any should be informed to the publisher

Responsibilities and Functions

Respond as soon as possible to an invitation to handle a manuscript. It can be either a yes or a no, but the reply is necessary.

After accepting to handle a manuscript according to your expertize the below guidelines help you in obtaining the best manuscripts with quality content in it to be dissimilated to the community.

Perform a quick primary review of the paper to detect its relevance to scope and originality in written work. If they are good in both only then forward them to the reviewers. If they fail any of them that should be an outright reject.

If the paper is fine, assign the reviewers as soon as possible.

Then you have ample of time to check the manuscript thoroughly before the reviewer reports.

Check the manuscript thoroughly section by section

It should be in accordance with the Instructions for authors.

Language standard should also be noted.

Enable the Word tracking and suggest the edits in the manuscript itself if they can be.

Noting the suggestion in feedback with respect to the line numbers will be really helpful to author.

When you receive the review report if you are ready with your analysis it would be really easy to provide your feedback.

Your feedback should allow author to understand the requirements easily and to act accordingly.

Show no discrimination in making decisions.

Confidentiality is to be maintained regarding the author’s work

Support the rapid peer review by maintaining the deadlines.

Sometimes already handled manuscripts with interim decision might be assigned to you due to various reasons. You need to check on them also.

Ethics followed by the author are to be checked properly and suitable certificates are to be verified when necessary.

Clinical trials are to be checked for their registration and are to be verified thoroughly if any doubt arises.


Special Duties

Minimum one editorial is expected annually

You must invite guest editors, propose special issue, and solicit papers when necessary